Enemies Of Your Tooth: 3 Foods That Could Seriously Harm Your Smile

Candy and snacks; two things we hate to love. Whether its a quick grab on your lunch break or a all out binge on a late night, sweet eats and sugar drinks are always yummy to indulge in when you get the chance. However, sometimes you may now be understanding their exact effects on your oral health.

It’s no secret that sugars can be harmful to your teeth. The buildup of plaque on your teeth will act as a sugar trap, catching all the sweet sucrose into concentrations big enough to break down your enamel. While anything can be fun and tasteful in moderation, too much of even a good thing can be bad. Here are three foods you may not have known are very destructive of your teeth’s integrity.   fruitbasket

Sports Drinks

Don’t let the commercial fool you; sports drinks definitely have a dark side to them despite their bright and vibrant appearance. These drinks are packed with sugar and can cause serious problems for your teeth. Their acidic properties mixed with slightly more viscous tendencies than water could really give your teeth a workout to keep themselves free of cavities. Next time you reach for a sugary sports drink, consider water instead.

Hard Candy

It’s small, sweet, and probably sitting in a bowl on the counter of any waiting room you visit. However, these little treats can actually last a little bit longer than you expect. Their stickiness can cause quick cavities by tugging off the enamel of your teeth and depositing sugar and plaque. Be sure to shy away from particularly strong hard candies that have a tendency to stick to your teeth.

Citric Fruits

Although there are many health benefits to indulging in fruit, sweet and more citrus fruits have a tendency to turn their sugar into acidic properties within your mouth. As a result, the leftover juices from that lemon or pineapple will begin to eat away quickly at your enamel and leave your teeth at serious risk for damage.

Greenspoint Dental Cleaning

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