The 4 Steps of Flossing


You’ve heard it a million times from your dentist or dental assistant. Flossing is a key aspect to keeping your mouth fresh and clean, giving you that big bright smile. But even with the best intentions, flossing does not help your teeth if you don’t properly do it.


Follow these four steps for a thorough and healthy flossing technique.


1. 18-inches

Be sure to give yourself a decent amount of floss to work with. Rip off 18-inches and wrap it around the fore finger of your dominant hand. Then loosely wrap the other side on the opposite hand and use this area to wind up the used floss to keep it fresh. For younger children new to flossing, ready-made flossers with a stick that make it easier to hold and work around the teeth.

2.Guide the Floss

Once you have properly prepared the floss, begin by slowly guiding the string between your teeth. This action makes for a smooth flossing process. Lightly scrub both sides using an up and down motion to move the plaque away from gums.

3. Floss Your Gums

This is the hardest, yet most important part. Many people try to force the floss into the gums area which causes bleeding and sensitivity long after your oral health routine is finished. Instead, you should wrap the floss around your tooth and slowly guide it into the area between the tooth and gums.

4. Don’t Forget the Molars

Flossing the back molars can be very hard to get to, but that is where most cavities form. Don’t forget the very back part of your back molars where the teeth end and gums and cheeks begin.


A healthy smile requires a diligent and flossing routine as well as a couple of dentist visits a year. If you are in need of a dental check-up, contact Greenspoint Dental in the Houston, Texas area today to set up an appointment.