The Importance of Calcium in Your Diet

Besides having a great oral hygiene routine it is also important to have a well balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy and our teeth strong. There are a variety of foods that can benefit our smiles but making sure we get our daily dose of calcium is extremely important. Our teeth and bones are made of calcium and to keep them from becoming weak we must make sure we get calcium in our diets.

What Foods Contain Calcium?

calcium, teeth, oral healthAn easy way to get your daily dose of calcium is from dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. Try to avoid eating dairy products like ice cream or cream cheese because even though they do contain some amount of calcium nutrients they aren’t as great for the overall health of your body. Even if you are a vegan or have lactose intolerance you can still get calcium in your diet without worrying about a stomach ache. Foods like broccoli, kale, salmon, sardines and some fruit juices contain calcium as well.

Although you may not notice a calcium deficiency right away not getting adequate amounts of calcium in your diet can hurt you later on in life. Those with calcium deficiencies can develop osteoporosis because of weak bones and severe tooth loss. If you are worried about your calcium intake, try taking a multivitamin or calcium supplement. It is important to take care of our teeth and bones now so we can have healthy bones and strong teeth in our future.

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