Yaeba: Japan’s Crooked Smiles

Although most American teens desire straight teeth and many get braces or Invisalign to achieve aligned pearly whites, not everyone in the world thinks it’s cute.

In Japan, many teenage girls are undergoing dental procedures called yaeba, or “double tooth.”  Yaeba elongates a girl’s canine teeth to give them a fang-like appearance, or some say, a childlike look.

In America it’s what we’d call snaggleteeth. But in Japan the look is prized because many Japanese teen boys say crooked teeth are cute and endearing. Some say the imperfection also makes women easier to approach.

Many Japanese celebrities love to show off their double teeth, and it’s a popular procedure at dental salons in Tokyo. During yaeba, artificial canines are glued onto the patients’ actual teeth. Many dental salons use temporary adhesive, so the yaeba look doesn’t last forever.

Not everyone is sold on the procedure, however. Some are concerned that the fad sexualizes young girls and promotes poor oral health. Snaggleteeth come from delayed baby teeth or a small mouth. If left untreated, a snaggletooth can affect your jaw bite and alter how your teeth grow in.

At Greenspoint Dental we prefer straightening teeth instead of making them look crooked. If you’re struggling with a misaligned smile, contact Greenspoint Dental today to schedule an appointment and reclaim your bright, healthy grin. Though Japanese teen boys might not find you as cute, most Americans will thank you for it.