Caring For Dentures

Proper denture care keeps not only your dentures in good shape, but your entire mouth. For good oral health and sturdy dentures, upkeep and daily care is necessary. Dentures will last longer and fit better the more apt you are at taking care of them. By following these five tips, your dentures will stay in shape and keep your smile strong.

  • Brush & Rinse Dentures Daily: Dentures are very similar to your teeth and they need to be cleaned every day to remove plaque and buildup. Brushing consistently will also prevent stains from appearing on your dentures. There are brushes designed specifically for dentures will soft bristles- hard brushes can wear dentures down. Be sure to avoid messing with any plastic parts or attachments to your dentures when cleaning.

  • Treat Them Delicately: Dentures are a set of teeth, and they’re very delicate. Handle them with care and be careful not to drop them. Stand over a soft surface or sink of water whenever handling them to prevent breakage if dropped.

  • Use A Denture Cleaner: When dentures aren’t in your mouth, they should be submerged in cool water or a denture cleaning solution to keep them moist and clean. Soaking dentures in hot water could cause them to warp. Besides specific denture cleaning solutions, mild hand soap can be used to clean them- household cleaners and most toothpastes are too harsh for dentures and can cause abrasive damage. Bleach should also never be used- it may whiten the pink parts of your dentures.

  • Don’t Adjust Dentures Yourself: Never attempt to adjust your dentures yourself. If they’re uncomfortable or need to be moved, always consult your dentist. Dentures can break or warp easily if not handled by a professional.

  • Store Them Correctly: Keep dentures in water or solution when they’re not in your mouth, and put them somewhere where kids and pets cannot get ahold of them- as they often will play with them and could easily ruin them.

Your dentures are a new set of teeth and should be treated as such. Much as with your mouth, preventative care is the best care. Take measures to ensure your dentures stay clean and fitted, and always ask your dentist if anything hurts or needs to be looked at.

At Greenspoint Dental, we work with you on your dentures and offer dental implants as an alternative. If you’re interested in learning more about implants or have questions about your denture care, contact us today for a free consultation.