Dental 911: What To Do If You Have A Dental Emergency

Life has a way of throwing all sorts of surprises at you. Some of them work out, and some of them break your teeth. Literally. So what do you do when you suffer a dental emergency? Luckily you have a trusted dentist like Dr. Bosse of Greenspoint Dental, that you can fall back on. Here are some guidelines for damage control until you can get in to see them!dental myths, truth, dental


What can start a dull, ignorable pain, a toothache can progress surprisingly fast and bring the sufferer inordinate amounts of discomfort. A toothache is usually indicative of a dental issue that needs treatment like a cavity, cracked tooth or abscess.

  • Call in to see your dentist immediately.

  • Apply ice to your face if there is swelling.

  • Employ over the counter pain relievers to help with discomfort.

Tooth Fell Out

Most teeth that have fallen out are the result of some sort of blunt trauma. Be sure to check yourself for other complications (like a concussion), and get to the dentist immediately. In certain cases the tooth can be saved.

  • Collect the lost tooth. Be careful to only touch the crown and not the root.

  • Place the tooth in a cup of milk.

Broken Brackets, Wires

If you’re someone who’s wearing braces then at some point during your treatment you may experience a misplaced or dislodged bracket or wire. While this sort of emergency may cause only slight discomfort (you lose a bracket without even realizing!) it can also prevent your from eating and carrying on as you normally would.

  • If you have a wire that is poking you apply orthodontic wax to protect your gums/cheeks, and call into your dentist. Never try to cut the wire yourself.

  • If you have lost a bracket place a small piece of wax to prevent any discomfort and call your orthodontist. If it’s a band you’ve lost anticipate a necessary appointment to recement it.

A trusted dentist is the greatest comfort during an emergency. Call Dr. Bosse and get comfortable!