Emergency Dentistry During the Holidays

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Ahhh, the Holidays: family gatherings, lots of food, and vacation time — it’s the best time of the year! Then a chipped tooth or a painful toothache suddenly throws a wrench in your plans. Your regular dental check-up isn’t scheduled for three months. And it’s the holidays; who’s open? Emergency dental visits around the holidays can be inconvenient and stressful. We’ve compiled a guide to navigating these visits and how you can remedy a dental emergency in the smartest and easiest way possible.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentistry is a service offered by dentists to treat unexpected and urgent dental problems.  Dental healthcare professionals recognize the urgent need for treatment in severe situations. Many dentists will be able to see and treat emergency dental patients within 24 hours of an accident or the onset of symptoms.

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What Classifies as a Dental Emergency?

You may not know if your dental issues are a legitimate reason for a dental emergency. When spending time with family and friends around the holidays, you may not want to cause a scene or ruin the evening. However, it’s essential to recognize a dental emergency and treat it as soon as possible. Knocked-out teeth, extreme swelling or bleeding, or displaced teeth are all telltale signs you should contact an emergency dentist, regardless of the time and place. Aesthetic problems like chipped teeth could also constitute a dental emergency depending on the emphasis a patient places on their facial appearance. If you are unsure, you should always call your emergency contact number and explain the situation so you can determine whether emergency treatment is necessary.

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How Do I Know If I am Covered?

Understanding the cost of emergency dental visits is essential for remedying holiday emergencies without breaking the bank. You should always have a thorough understanding of your specific dental coverage and reimbursement plans in case of an emergency. You should do research before a dental emergency occurs to find out how to contact your dentist outside of their normal office hours. 

If you are visiting family away from home, you can conduct research to figure out which nearby dental offices operate within your insurance network. If there are no emergency dentists in-network available, you can always visit an out-of-network provider and file for possible reimbursement later. Many dental offices also provide payment plans for people with little or no dental insurance. While this situation may not be ideal, you should always prioritize your health and seek treatment if you are experiencing extreme pain or tooth trauma.

How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

There is no surefire way to prevent dental emergencies, which is why they are called accidents. However, there are preventative actions you and your loved ones can employ around the holidays to make you less prone to dental trauma. Some common suggestions include: avoiding chewing on ice or hard foreign substances and keeping walkways well-lit and clear to avoid falls during this festive time; if you are playing a friendly game of football or soccer, wear a mouth guard to protect against contact trauma; never use your teeth to open bottles or hard packages — use a bottle opener or a pair of scissors instead. 


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We are here for you, even during the holidays

In most cases, once you call with a dental emergency, the dentist will schedule an appointment with you on the spot or first thing in the morning, depending on the severity of the situation. At Greenspoint, we provide quality emergency dental care.

Call Greenspoint Dental to schedule an emergency visit in Houston. We strive to respond to our patients’ needs as quickly as possible, especially when they’re in pain. Don’t let tooth pain or broken dental appliances affect your day — we’ll stay late or open early to make sure you’re comfortable again.

At Greenspoint Dental, expect quick availability of emergency dentists & get relief from any dental emergencies. Reach out to us anytime to get your holiday plans back on track!