The American Dental Association

We’ve all heard about the American Dental Association (ADA) but do you really know its purpose? Chances are you can assume what types of activates this organization regulates and partakes in, but it is doubtful that you now the whole story.

Established in 1859, the ADA is the world’s oldest national dental association. They publish a monthly journal and are responsible for spreading the word on new dental advancements, treatment, and procedures.

The ADA was originally founded by dentists, no surprise, in Niagara Falls, NY. Today the headquarters, in Chicago, IL, enjoy over 150,000 members. In addition to educating Americans on the importance of dental hygiene, and preforming studies on the topic of dentistry (and related fields), the ADA also takes their actions to local and national government.

The ADA advocates numerous positions in various levels of government. The strength of dental care in this country owes much of its success to the ADA as it pushes for increased funding for research, student loans for aspiring dentists, and dental coverage for all. Teeth cannot be viewed as expendable. They are valuable assets that need to be taken care of.

So, the next time you go to the dentist or purchase a toothbrush look for the ADA seal. You can rest assured that only those items that meet the high standards of this long-standing organization, will ever don that emblem.